Applications of metal badges

Metal badges, medals, and commemorative medals have always been a popular glamorous product in Europe and other countries. Any pattern and text can be used to indicate the identity and occupation of the wearer.

Based on functions, there are many different applications such as:

Organization: Express the organization of the wearer, such as country national emblem/company badges/group badges/identification badges/sports medals, etc.

Status: Express status, such as police badges or military uniforms, etc.

Goal: express the goal advocated, such as promotion badge that guides others to donate to charity

Honor: To express the honor received, such as a medal awarded to a soldier

Aesthetic: A badge that expresses an aesthetic or hobby, such as a cartoon character

Company Salesman of the Year Medal
Senior Staff Medal
Military and Police Medal of Honor
Medals for various sports competitions
Volunteer medal
Enthusiastic charity donation badge

Image: Establish the image of the organization’s brand, or spiritual symbol
Company seal
School group seal
Non-profit organization
Representatives of religious groups

International medical organization/charity organization
Student badge/club badge

Activities: Commemorate every important moment in life
Wedding commemorative coin
Birthday souvenir
Graduation souvenir

Sports event souvenirs
Olympic Games
World Expo
Baseball trading pins
Golf game

Promotional gifts
Exhibitor gifts
Company promotional

It can be an important accessory for other products, such as decorating on books, wine bottles, sofas, high-end boxes, etc.

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