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Jiayue Pins Delivery Method Adjustment

pins delivery

For Jiayue Pins our factory, the United States is surely our biggest market. For our pins delivery method, normally for big quantity orders, they are delivered by sea from Shanghai to Los Angeles. For smaller quantity orders, FedEx Express is…

Jiayue Pins 2022 Annual Meeting

Jiayue Pins sales team

On 6th January 2022, Jiayue Pins workers gathered to have fun. After day-time activities such as annual meeting, relaxing in a farmer garden, in the evening, it is time to have dinner together. Food is priority for people, especially for…

Pins manufacturer selection

When you want to have your pins manufactured, you search from Google, then you’ll find many manufacturers out there. Which one should you select, it is not so easy. This article explains some important aspects when selecting a good pins…