Commemorative coins storage

What are the ways to store commemorative coins?

Suggestions for daily preservation of commemorative coins. With the continuous improvement of people’s living standards, people now like to buy some commemorative coins to collect, as souvenirs, etc., But after getting the commemorative coin, many people don’t know how to keep it.

  When keeping commemorative coins, be careful not to put them together with other hard objects, avoid collision and friction with hard objects, and do not put multiple commemorative coins in the same pocket. Instead, use a softer cloth or paper for separate storage.

   Commemorative coins cannot be placed in places where the air does not circulate for a long time, as this will cause the water vapor on the surface of the coins to be difficult to volatilize. If not weel kept, the commemorative coins will oxidize in less than two years. It is recommended to pack/store in a sealed bag or vacuum bag after cleaning.

  The commemorative coins should be stored in a ventilated and dry ground to avoid moisture and corrosion of the commemorative coins.

  When preserving commemorative coins, be careful not to put them together with acid products, especially not in contact with these acid products.

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