Brief introduction to metal badges

Metal badges are also known as metal badges and metal brooches. It is an ornament made of metal materials. The materials are mainly used: iron, stainless iron, zinc alloy, gold, silver, copper. The process is mainly used: soft enamel, sticker glue, imitation enamel, die-casting stamping, embossing. It is suitable for customers with large volume and personalized customization.

Metal badges are more and more common in people’s current lives.  Personalized custom badges need to be engraved with molds. The smaller the number, the more expensive for each badge. Recommended volume for metal badge is 100-10000 pcs.

Metal custom badges have been widely used in many medium and large enterprises, and can be used for: personnel rank, department classification, company awards, and company certification. Also they have begun to become a certification for fans and a love for idols.

The advantages of metal badge is that it can be kept for long time, is not easy to be oxidized and corroded, has bright colors and exquisite workmanship.

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